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I have a 2015 2.0 Q5 with a fuel economy problem. The vehicle was purchased 10 months ago as a Certified Audi Used Car and is due for it's 55K inspection. I have repeatedly queried the service advisors at my local Audi dealer with no success as to the problem. In a nutshell, the highway economy has never met the 28 mpg rating.

I am a professional engineer, late semi-pro driver for VW/Porsche distributor, and characteristically exceed mileage ratings. My former autos were both VW TDi, a 2013 Passat, and a 2014 Sportwagen... both which delivered highway economies in excess of 50 mpg. My current experience shows the following:

Constant Speed 70 mph - 22 to 23 mpg; 65 mph - 23 - 24 mpg; 60 mph - 24 -25 mpg; 55 mph 25 - 27 mpg (secondary roads)
Tire Pressure - 40 PSI cold Fuel - 93 octane Costco Fuel Additive - Audi additive added twice during the last 10K miles.

Previous owner may have used cheap fuel as the mileage has improved slightly over the last 10K miles. I monitor the economy mpg display constantly. On occasion there have been brief, but significant improvements in the "instant" mileage which leads me to question if a sensor that affects economy might be failing or the computer algorithms are messed up.

Do any of you have suggestions as to tests that need to be performed or recommendations for me to pass on to the Audi techs, or is the 28 mpg rating a myth?

Thank You, CZKid


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Keep in mind the MPG doesn't account for optional larger wheels or any extra options you've added that may take up more weight. My average is around 24mpg but I drive with a heavy foot.
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